During our work at envimate, we have come across the need to use tools like Vagrant, Packer, VirtualBox and Docker for our development and demo environments.

When building an immutable infrastructure one needs to have comfortable, reliable environment at hand. While the mentioned tools give a good foundation for building such an environment, one needs to invest time into creating one.

For us, in order to have a productive development environment, it was important that the boxes we use are

  • reliable (no crashes and hanging on restarts)
  • lightweight ( ~ twice smaller than the officials)
  • always up-to-date with latest security releases

We were not able to find boxes that would suit our needs, hence we had to build ones ourselves and decided to share them with the community.

Customized images

Our team is ready to provide you with customized vagrant boxes and docker images for your needs, including scheduled updates and maintenance.

Please contact us for more details.

List of our public vagrant boxes

  • Ubuntu Xenial64 (Only ~100MB)

For VirtualBox the latest Guest Additions have been compiled and installed. The compilation-related packages have been removed after installation to keep the image small.

  • Ubuntu Xenial Docker

Usage and Feedback

We are always happy to receive your feedback!

Please send your questions/wishes/comments to

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